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Why Replace Your Existing Windows?

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How old are your windows? It’s a question that very few people ask themselves. Most people never consider replacing their windows unless they’re renovating the house or the window gets broken. However, did you know that by using old windows you could actually be losing money all year round? Read on to find out more about why we’re your best option for replacing windows in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

Older Windows & Energy Efficiency

Older windows tend to be single-pane glass which is grossly inefficient in terms of energy bills. In the winter your heating bills are higher because your windows are allowing heat to escape, whereas in the summer you’re still losing out on money because your air conditioning is having to work overtime to compensate for your windows letting too much heat in.

The technology behind windows has changed vastly even in the last ten years. Not only can you get more energy-efficient windows which save you money, you can get self-cleaning windows which save you time and stop you from having to put yourself in potential danger cleaning them.

There’s also the aesthetics to consider when you’re replacing a window – you don’t just have to settle for the same boring design you previously had, there are a huge variety of different windows and frame designs to choose from. Some with large open bays, others that open at the top while remaining static at the bottom and much more.

What Are My Options?

When you choose a new window you’ll have the opportunity to add optional extras to your order, these can make your life easier in a variety of ways – and if you have old windows some of them will found positively futuristic.

Glass Coatings

Our various glass coatings help your windows look their best. Choose our SmartSun™ glass and you’ll benefit from a window that essentially looks after itself. Say goodbye to streaks, rain spotting and unnecessarily expensive energy bills.

Insect Screens

While insect screens themselves aren’t new technology, our TruScene™ screens will make every other brand look obsolete by comparison. Unlike traditional mesh screens which prevent medium to large bugs from entering (at the cost of blocking a great deal of light coming through) our screens let in more light and less bugs thanks to the premium-quality ultra fine mesh we use.

Grille Patterns

Grille patterns are a great way to completely change the look of your home while making only a minor change to the decor. The patterns appear as the traditional “criss cross” shapes over the glass and can lend a more rustic or old-fashioned appearance to your home.

We have several different patterns available for a wide variety of window types which means you’ll have full control of your home’s image – both inside and out.

Are you interested in replacing your window? Whether you’re looking to update the appearance of your home or you’re interested in the vast energy savings that come with having new windows we’re more than happy to help.

Call us today or use the form on our page to get a free no-obligation quote.

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